Monday, January 15, 2007

Bend it like Auntie Robbie...

I love David Beckham, not only was he a very elegant footballer but he also gives us hours of fun. I found an interesting report from the US regarding season ticket sales at his new club, MLS Galaxy

"Since the announcement, season ticket sales for the Galaxy increased by 2,000, which seems to indicate a certain level of interest. But when you consider season ticket sales also increased by 1,000 last season when they offered a free pizza coupon with any season ticket purchase, 2,000 is not such an impressive number."

Oh and while we are on the subject of Americans...IT'S CALLED FOOTBALL BECAUSE YOU KICK IT WITH YOUR FOOT. GIRLS PLAY SOCCER!!!!


Anonymous said...

The Americans have it so right
Real men play Rugby

Rob & Abi said...

Rugby is all about brute force and ignorance. Football is an art form practiced by athletes. It’s the greatest game in the world support by hundreds of millions of people. Tune in to Fox one evening and be amazed!!! R

Anonymous said...

Yes parts of rugby are about brute force however I cannot accept the ignorance crack. The fluidity and tactics involved in a game of running (aka southern hemisphere) rugby is just brilliant rather than the more staid and set piece game that is played in he six nations. The same could be said for the "latin" version of soccer(football) whern you compare it to that played by the Germans.
All of the codes have their niche and I look forwards to taking you to a Swans game if yu come back in Winter

muzza said...

I'll bite! "Brute force and ignorance"...Let me address this comment (and I'll assume you're being serious) in stages. I can agree with the brute force observation to a certain degree but it is isolated to key tactical components of the game. Where for example would brute force be applied whilst taking a penalty kick or during a lineout? Moreover, force is most effective when applied by two or more players thus encouraging teamwork which, I'm sure you'll agree, is what playing in a team sport is all about. Force applied without consideration of its objective or in isolation is nothing more than thugery and I rarely see this personified on the Rugby field. Moving to the second part of your observation; How apt that you raise the subject of ignorance because I have often heard this "insight" from seasoned football players and spectators but must confess I've never heard it from a rugby player. Rugby players will often speak generously about the skills and situational awareness that football develops in young players and I for one would encourage any budding rugby player to spend four or five years playing football before attempting to navigate his way around a rugby field. I’m hesitant to go into specifics but Vinnie Jones does not strike me as the sort of person who could boast intellectual credibility yet the 1991 World Cup winning Wallabies had only two players in the squad without at least one degree.

Football is pretty to watch and I enjoy it but I believe the professional game has done a disservice to the millions who follow it by reducing it to a money hungry, theatrical event played by men who would rather take a dive than push forward and score goals; Rather play for themselves than the team and rather embark on rugby bashing tirades than enjoy both games for what they are…Just games. The adjudicators are often jostled and disrespected by players, coaches and fans while rare glimpses of brilliance are overshadowed by off field antics and debates about the latest transfer deals. In my eyes rugby has managed, better than any other sport, to move through the amateur to professional transition whilst maintaining its integrity as a sport, its values amongst players, officials and fans and most importantly its beauty as a pure team game that mixes individual genius with group excellence. The players are able to perform herculean feats on the field and clash ferociously with opponents yet still enjoy a beer and a chat after the game. In my eyes this is what sport is about and this is why rugby has no need to scream its qualities from every rafter available.

I welcome a rebuff but I can’t be drawn into a simple “football is better than rugby” debate because to do so would be to stoop to the ignorance you identified in the first place. Both sports have great aspects and both require athletes to play them if you want to see the best qualities of the game displayed.

Abi said...

Mr Warde, where did the comment from 'Rob & Abi' come from especially when the topic is FOOTBALL!!! and as you know, I was a Rugby Girl before I met you and had never watch a football game and the 'boys' still annoy me when they only fall and seek attention and appear injured - until they notice no-one's paying them attention!

Rob & Abi said...

It's about the beautiful game and there is no point discussing it with two Aussies and a Girl. They will NEVER understand what it means to the rest of the world. Look at Aussie rules...I mean, can the shorts be any shorter. Why would men want to watch other men running around in really short shorts?...Please leave your own conclusions right here!!!!