Monday, January 15, 2007

The beautiful game...

I'm posting my response here because I can.

Having a degree doesn't qualify someone to be an exceptional athlete! It just means they had a little more time on their hands. I suppose to a certain extent it shows where the games originated. Rugby at School, continuing on to College/Uni while football was and perhaps still is a working class sport.

However, I would have to say that two ex England players were RAF fighter pilots who took it in turns flying the UK's only operational plane (we loan it to Ireland on Saturdays and Denmark on Sundays). Situational awareness is a requirement for any decent pilot. So that point is given. I just find Football is more involved and a more tactical sport. I noticed a comment on the BBC's web site that made me smile '"Both rugby and football are games of skill and stamina, but the way the game of football is going the players will soon be required to become members of equity."

Vinnie Jones isn’t a shining example of a football star and he's not a great actor either. Take Tierry Henry as an example, an outstanding ambassador for world football. The leading all-time goal scorer for his club he once said ‘I eat football, I sleep football, I breathe football. I'm not mad, I'm just passionate.’ It’s about passion, its all about passion. Passion and the desire to exceed everyone’s expectations. Just look at this clip of Henry in action you’ll see what a fantastic game this is. I appreciate that some people are in it for themselves rather than the team as a whole, but it's still a great game played in every corner of the world.

To finish up here is Mr Beckham scoring against Greece in the World Cup Qualifiers. The only other recent sporting event that had such a wonderful finish was England beating Australia at the Telstra stadium a few years ago. I seem to remember that involved a lot of kicking!!!

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