Thursday, December 14, 2006

You aint never caught a rabbit..

I’ve had some feedback today….woooo hoooo!!!! My mum emailed me to say that my music ‘is way above her head’. So I thought I’d post something different to show that I appreciate music in general. I’ve attached a clip of Elvis Presley singing Hound Dog on the ‘The Milton Berle’ show, June 5th 1956. This was a ground breaking appearance which sparked controversy over Elvis’s gyrations. It led to an appearance on the Ed Sullivan show in September 1956 which drew an estimated 82% of the US TV audience.

This actually links quite well with next week’s posting on the Blues. People think of Elvis as a ‘Rock & Roll’ artist performing cheesy songs in Vegas wearing very tight suits. That might be how he ended his career but it started in a very different way. Born in Mississippi he was influenced by Country, Gospel and Blues. Moving to Memphis, TN just after the war he spent his spare time on Beale Street (officially home of the blues, see picture on the left) which was lined with clubs showcasing the blues in its many forms. People such as BB King, Muddy Waters, Albert King and Louis Armstrong have performed there. His first recordings were at Sun Studio’s (pictured) just outside downtown Memphis. I’ve actually been in that recording studio (with Dad & Pam) and held the microphone he used. Standing there and hearing a recording of Elvis laugh and joke with Sam Phillips (the owner) and Jerry Lee Lewis was an experience I’ll never forget. The funniest thing was visiting Gracelands and Pammy saying 'it gave her goosebumps' just being there. Anyway, more on that next week. Enjoy.

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