Thursday, December 21, 2006

Blog #50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooo Hooo

Abi has just sent me a blog update but I wanted to add a few words before I post her comments. This is going to be a long blog so grab a coffee first.....!! OK, are you ready, here goes.

I often browse the net at lunch time, looking for news and gossip. Today I came across a blog written by Scott Adams. For those of you who haven’t heard of him he’s the creator of Dilbert, a cartoon strip about offlce life. If you work in an office you’ll find it hilarious, if you don’t it’s still funny. Please have a read of his blog, it's funny but also thought provoking. With blogging in mind I’ve added a section on the right hand side called ‘My blogs of Note’. There are some great blogs out there and I feel it’s my duty to bring them to your attention. Keep looking as it will be updated regularly.

I also thought I’d share out plans for the holidays. One of my colleagues is leaving at the end of the year, another causality of outsourcing, so we are meeting for a few beers on Friday night. On Saturday we’re meeting Abi’s relatives for lunch then it’s off to the Opera house for ‘Christmas Carols at the House’. I thought it might get us in the right frame of mind for the holidays. Sunday we are out on the harbour subject to the weather. I want to have lunch in Manly and then head up to the northern beaches. Christmas day will be spent with a friend’s family experiencing a real Aussie Christmas. On Boxing Day we’ve booked a cruise on the harbour to watch the start of the annual Sydney to Hobart (Tasmania) race. I’m back at work on Wednesday but we plan to go to the cinema in the week courtesy of some friends (thanks for the Tickets Murray, Jules and Alex!!!). We’re also going to the park to watch a movie ‘under the stars’. Not sure what else we plan to do but we aim to make it a Christmas to remember. Oh, just forgot we are here for one of the best New Year celebrations on the planet. Sydney NYE!!!!. Anyway, it’s time to hand over to the Abster.

Well, getting ready to leave Perth, was going to spend an hour down the beach to try and get some sun, but really the sun needs to be out to allow you to catch some rays . so I thought I'd do a little update instead. Can't say I'm sorry to be leaving - not just because I'm looking forward to seeing Rob and breaking his peace & quiet or because we've got a few days off and it's going to be Christmas, but it's been a frustrating few days.

The trip has been good and bad - very frustrating with regards work and attitudes, we've had a few (not so diplomatic at times) words, but will have to wait and see how it is taken forward. Got a meeting with the MD of the new company & the Integration Manager again before I come back home, so am compiling a report of 'how it is' and 'how to move forward' and then I'll hand it over and all being well, will be able to walk away.

I can't believe Christmas is now just around the corner. I went out with the girls from the office for cocktails and dinner last night, which was really nice - but we were able to sit outside (a cool breeze came in about 8:30 - but Perth is known for what they call the 'doctor' . which is the cool air to take away the humidity) however, no Christmas lights in the town, they've got some lights in a tree opposite the hotel, but it would help if they turned them on so you could see them!!? I've had some pressies from the girlies here though, which was lovely - but it still feels odd.. I know your hearts are bleeding for me!

Rob tells me the sun is out in Sydney, so all being well it'll stay for a day! I'm under instruction to arrive quietly tonight as he'll be on a telecom with India when I'm due back to the apartment . it's gonna be a tough call, but I'm sure I'll manage!

Been getting reports of -2oC and frost from the UK, so hope you're all keeping warm and wrapped up . make lots of stews and snuggle under the duvet with a good movie x

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