Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sunday night in Sydney

I spent last week working, which seemed pointless to me, it was however an opportunity to catch up with a few outstanding tasks and leave work earlier than usual. Abi caught up with some work and managed to get sunburnt. Her back is still a lovely shade of pink but her eyelids have gone down (thankfully!). Her back is only the middle bit, the ‘hard to reach’ bit when applying lotion single-handedly.

This evening we went to dinner with some of Abi’s extended family in Bankstown (about 45 minutes south of the city centre). The easiest way to get there is by train and we picked the sloooowest train in the world. It stopped at 19 stations along the way and managed to hit a top speed of almost 20 mph. Not being the most patient person I was moaning most of the way but Abi managed to keep me entertained…. needless to say, we caught a cab back! We went to a Thai restaurant with Pam & Jan (who we had an Indian with last weekend), Wendy (Pam’s sister), Lyndal & Ryan (Wendy’s 2 children), Marion (Pam’s other sister) & Cameron (one of her sons) – they drove up from Coolamon yesterday (just over 5hrs away). We then went back to Pam & Jan’s for coffee. It was a really lovely evening.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve and this is where Sydney outshines most of the world. Arguably the second largest celebration in the world with an estimated 1.2 million people watching the spectacle around the harbour (click here for a video of last years celebrations). Rio comes first with an estimated 2 million people on Copacabana Beach. This years theme is based around the Wizard of Oz, kids have to click their heels at 9:08 to see something special projected onto the bridge. You might be able see from the picture below what will be displayed on the bridge at midnight. It’s a coat hanger and a diamond. The coat hanger represents the bridges nickname and next year is the 75th anniversary of its completion.

Below is a list of the events occurring in the lead up to midnight:

1pm - Firing of the Fort Denison Cannon
2pm - Tiger Moth and Boeing Stearmans Flyover
3pm - Convair CV580 Flyover
4pm - Pitt Specials Flyover
5pm - Fire Tug Display and Microlights Flyover
6pm - Sky Writing
7pm - Ringing of the Bell Towers
8pm - Indigenous Welcome Ceremony - Sydney Harbour
9pm - Family Fireworks & Harbour of Light Parade
10pm - Mini Light Show - Sydney Harbour Bridge
11pm - Mini Light Show - Sydney Harbour Bridge
Midnight - Fireworks & Bridge Effect

Abi and I will be out and about tomorrow morning but intend to spend the evening back at our apartment. We’ve got some friends coming over and plan to watch the fireworks from our balcony. We have a great view of the bridge and part of the harbour. Darling Harbour (next to the hotel) is also having a firework display and we should be able to see that too if the fireworks extend above the buildings! I’ll be updating the blog tomorrow night as the celebrations progress so keep an eye on the site.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely update. Glad you had such a good time with the 'Sampson' relatives & I am looking forward to meeting my extended family soon. We will keep an eye on our blog to see the display of fireworks. Going by last years display, which looked fantastic, you are going to be in for a wonderful night.

Abi said...

Thanks Mum :-) I'm impressed that you left one [a comment] - well done (everyone else seems to have forgotten how!!)
Had a lovely evening too - Jan & Pam offered to have you stay for a few days - said they'd be more than happy to have you, so that was nice! By all accounts Shirley is very excited!! Dad .. I've asked them to find you some walking routes (or groups) while Mum does the family tree stuff! xx

Marion said...

What a wonderful surprise, I found your blogs on the internet while searching for Coolamon news.
It's great you both had a wonderful time in Sydney.
Will try and keep in touch via email when I can.
Best Wishes from Australia to all