Monday, December 11, 2006

Summer in Sydney...?

Well, here I sit looking out on a black sky, listening to the thunder rumble in the back ground and the odd flash of lightening catching the corner of my eye ... no rain to speak of yet, but it's not looking too much like a 'hot summer evening'!

We've had a good 30+ degrees today though, so this may well clear the air or just make way for the next 'wave'. Most mornings have been overcast and relatively dull since I arrived on Thursday, but from midday onwards the clouds clear and the sky is blue! There have been some great breezes too at the moment, so that's keeping things feeling cooler - although going down towards South Australia, they're really suffering with both the heat and the wind, pushing the forrest fires. Melbourne is covered with a grey fog, caused by the fires; they are reporting the temperatures being the highest they've been since 1980, it's been pushing 40degrees+ in Wagga (so Mum & Dad, not a good time to plan any trips to Shirley & Trevor!).

I had a good trip over, apart from sitting next to a guy who talked .... consistently .... now, I know I can talk with the best of them, but I'd also like to think that I'm quite good at picking up on body language.. should someone pretend to be a sleep whilst I'm talking, I do believe I would take the hint and STOP! The worst thing was his wife was sitting 3 rows back and I even tried the 'would you like me to swap seats with her so you can sit together', but no (and that was shouted by her!!). In fairness he was a nice guy, but I like to sleep my way through those hours. Just after we boarded again at Thailand (the flight was a lot emptier) he had a bit of a turn and they sat him with his wife anyway - she came over and said he'd got 'confused' and wasn't sure who all the passengers were or where he was, so I hope they got to NZealand ok.

We had a number of delays - even taking off from Heathrow, as we sat on the tarmac for over an hr, then in Thailand someone decided not to carry on to Sydney, so they had to find and off load his bags. I had thought that I could just arrive at the hotel in time to see Rob (fleetingly) prior to him having to go to work, but as it happens, we didn't even 'cut it fine', it wasn't cut at all! I unpacked (recalling fully the email I had saying that the apartment lacked some 'abi-mess'), made myself feel slightly human again (by way of shower) and went shopping (to stock the fridge) & to the post office for my mum! :-) I then sat in the square opposite the hotel with a coffee and a book and waited for Rob to come home. Later that evening we went for a walk around a bit of Darling Harbour which we've not been round before, they've just built a number of flats on a pier, I guess you'd call it - and then went for a yummy Thai.

The evenings are so much nicer now, last time we were here it was dark by 5 but now it's 8ish, which makes a huge difference. We've been for evening strolls, swimming, coffee ... it's just nice. Over the weekend we had a good walk around on Saturday and on Sunday I hired a car & we headed over to the Telstra Sadium, Sydney Olympic Park - it's where Chris & I had the exhibition back in October, but we didn't have time to look around. Rob & I got a tour around the stadium, which was really interesting - how they changed the seating after the Olympics and how they can actually move the stadium seating 15mtrs in and out (depending on what sport is being played) - 45ish feet .... very impressive. They also announced with considerable pride how they came in on budget and 6mths early ..... I get the feeling that we won't be boasting the same statistics! (although by all accounts they were able to work 24 / 7 & didn't have a day of rain ... further statistics we won't share!). On the way home we stopped and had a 'coastal walk' watching lots of doggies playing and springing in and out of the water - it was great!

I had an appointment today with Qantas Defence at a RAAF Base near Richmond, it was very interesting seeing some of the planes & how much of an overhaul they do, some take up to 18mths. Tomorrows appointments may be delayed, I'm still waiting on some calls back but Wednesday is fully booked. Rob's got some late nights coming up this week, there is a roll out & telecons to be had - but things appear to be going well (I don't want to speak too soon) - no new grey hairs have been spotted!!

Well, I think that's enough for you to be going on with! I hope all you sick people are feeling better, all your snuffles are going & legs improving xx


D said...

Good Breakfast read. Move thunderstorms and rain to fire area - job done. Suffles improving ta. Leaving for Fingle and Drogo in 30 minures, taking couple on route march, but finishing in pub as small prize. Skype said you were on line, so why didn't you answer the phone??

Pauline said...

From a "sick snuffler in cold, wet and windy weather. Your concern is appreciated and all sniffs and bad legs are on the mend. Excellent blog - keep it coming