Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Music Appreciation – Part One

I’m done, shoot your gun; I think it’s time to take it back to where we started from….’ The opening lyrics from James Morrisons ‘Stop the Police’, a classic in its own CD case.

Welcome to the first edition of my music appreciation blog. I’ve got a spare 30 minutes at lunchtime and thought I would share my love of music with everyone. This is a global edition, it seems people are reading this from all over, Australia, UK, Germany, Spain and even the US. Fantastic!!!.

Anyway, back to James Morrison. This guy has shot up the Album chart with a great CD, ‘Undiscovered’. Released in July 2006 it's not quite on par with some other classic first releases such as Alanis Morissette’s ‘Jagged Little Pill’ and Macy Gray’s ‘Oh How Life Is’ but not bad first stab. A Rugby boy born into a troubled family his uncle introduced him to the blues when he was 13. From there he started to develop his own sound using his life as a canvas. Q Magazine says ‘Approach with Wonder’, I say sit back, listen, enjoy and don't take it too seriously.

Click here for further information and look at the download section. I recommend starting with ‘Wonderful World’, followed by ‘You Give Me Something’ and then ‘Call the Police’. Beg, borrow, shoplift or download this album, it's worth listening to.

Checking out the Guardian review of this CD they put forward some interesting facts. Over 40's now spend more on music than under 30's and women over 49 buy twice as much as those under 20. Hence all these awful middle of the road bands such as Il Divo. Whoever compiled this information probably forgot to take into account illegal downloading and file sharing. That must account for the contents of most under 30's iPods.

More next Wednesday when I'll cover and introduction to the Blues, the foundation of modern music.


Anonymous said...

Oi !!! There's nothing wrong with Il Divo .... they're a fine looking group of men !! But as for their singing .. yikes :-(
As for music my lovely Bro, I have constantly been listening to The Scissor Sistors latest album and it's absolutely fab!!! Can't stop playing it, even Tia knows all the words now. 'She's My Man' .... sung by and 8 year old.Lol
Hope you and Abi are well and enjoying the lovely weather. Well done with the blog .... both of you :-))

Sis xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

rob said...

Thanks Sis. I was a fan of the Scissor Sisters first CD, but the second is a bit samey..I'm your man reminds me a lot of Elton John...Rocket Man was great but it hit the bottom with I'm still sanding. I can just hear little Tia singing along :-)

Check out James...I'm telling you it's good.

Muzza said...

Rob and Abi I'm interested to know what you think of Sydney in the light of the following article published in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday (for those overseas people it's one of the few credible rags that compete head on with Rupert Murdoch's garbage).

rob said...


Interesting article and I would agree. It's got the best harbour in the world. Beats NYC by a mile and make the Thames look like a ditch. It's a fantastic place to visit but the traffic is awful.

You have one of the largest countries in the world and what i fail to understand is how, outside of the CBD, it all feels so cramped. New York is an older city but you get a feeling of space, well not quite on the scale of somewhere like Phoenix or Denver, but much more that Sydney. Narrow streets, awful parking, queues, road rage...the lot!!!! Look at the US system of grids, might not be appealing but it works. Keatings remarks about planning are probably true. I'll get the Absters opinion when she gets back from your sisters. She does a lot more driving that I do.