Wednesday, December 20, 2006

‘There's a smell in here that will outlast religion’

Random thoughts from Rob……

Abi - Still in Perth but it’s her last day. She should land in Sydney around 8:30 tomorrow night. Peace and quite ends!!!

The Environment – Both Holden (GM) and Ford have reported increased sales of V8’s in Australia. Who the heck needs a 5.7 litre car in this traffic? Remember the environment and the ozone layer please.

Cabs – Plenty of reports in Sydney about cab drivers charging extra in the run up to the holidays. Seems that they were quoting $100 - $200 AUD premiums at last weekends Robbie Williams concert. One cabbie was quoted as saying ‘It’s market forces at work!! If they don’t like it they can walk!!!’. Charming!!

Mash Ups – Wikipedia defines this as ‘assembling new songs from elements of other tracks’. Not to be confused with remixing or recycling. To me this is mixing two tracks/videos together to create something very different. Apparently this goes back to 1950’s but can be traced back even further. However, digging even further it does sound more like remixing but anyway, have a look at these examples and tell me if it’s not a stroke of genius.

Nirvana and Destiny’s Child, TLC and Busted, Westlife, The Foo Fighters and Chirstina, Pussy Cat Dolls and Kool & the Gang (I have to say this is far, far better than the orginal)

Kenny – Proving that Australian Cinema is as oddball as it ever. This is a film about a guy who works for a port-a-loo company in Melbourne. Some fantastic insights into the world of portable dunnies. A good film, great actor, some light relief!!!! More please. I’ll leave you with some wonderful quotes.

'I don't know what all the fuss is about, it's 80% water and we've got chemicals to take care of the remaining 20’

‘Just watch it in there mate. That machine, once you press that flusher, that thing will probably suck your guts out through your bum’

Have fun. More surprises to come at the weekend


Abi said...

I have to say that I love the Pussycat Dolls one ... but I can't say that any of the 'parents' will appreciate (or recognise) any of the others!! I can imagine the phrase '....and you call that music?!' making an appearance!!

Abi said...

The 'Kenny' film, I have to say, hasn't 'floated my boat' (it's all about the terminology!!) until I read your quotes tonight - quite funny :-) brought a smile, I just hope that it's not like some trailers where the only good or funny bits are highlighted and no other laughs are had ... we'll review once watched!