Sunday, December 31, 2006

NYE - Blog # 05

02:55 - It's been a wonderful evening. Experiencing New Years Eve in Sydney has exceeded our expectations. A brilliant atmosphere in a fantastic city. The fireworks were out of this world.

We've cleaned up, had another drink and are ready to hit the sack. We're both looking forward to whatever 2007 holds. You never know, I might get a phone call from my parents. x


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo's, looks a lovely display. What happened to the video? The atmosphere must have been electric! We have another six hours to go, & I have got the packet of sparklers ready.

Abi, see you Saturday.
Lots of love,

Muzza said...

Great to hear you've hit a high point at just the right time. If the weather improves I think a leisurely stroll around the foreshore will do wonders for preventing post NYE anticlimax syndrome and will also give you a laugh...There are always plenty of hung-over party-goers who fall asleep in the bushes and on the paths.

We both look forward to hearing the reviews in person soon.

Love M,J&A