Sunday, December 31, 2006

NYE - Blog # 02

We're ready to rock and roll. It's 19:37, guests have yet to arrive but....guess what??!?!?!?....our camera has charged and I've been clicking away like a pro. First photo of the view from our balcony below (taken using the 18-70mm lense. Wide angle or what!!!).
More to come xxx

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The McGoo's said...

Glad we could help out with the festive cheer and NYE was lots of fun - no hangover here, just mild exhaustion. Didn't get home till 3.00 am, that's OK, but then we had a power outage at 6.30 am which made the alarm go spastic and then everything switched back on at around 7.30 am!!!!!

Love the photo's.

Have tagged "The Tidy Mind" for future reference.


F,J and CHM