Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Musical Update

While we are on a musical theme today I'd like to have one last word before I hit the sack. That word in PANDORA. I've mentioned this web site before and I can't stress how cool it is. An online radio station where you are the DJ.

I'm not just talking pop music, it's going to contain every recorded song and I mean every one. Each song has been analysed by an expert noting up to 400 specific attributes. That information is then used to tailor your station(s). It's free all you have to do is register. Check out the FAQ and About sections for more information. Have a go and you'll be hooked. If anything it's a fantastic way to find new music.

Finally a musical quote which had me in stitches 'Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn' ~Charlie Parker


Sis said...

Oi !! There's nothing wrong with Il Divo!! Cracking looking bunch of lads. But as for their music?! Yikes!!

I've been listening to the new Scissor Sisters album in my car. It's brilliant! Tia knows all the words. An 8 year old singing along to 'She's My Man'. Lol!!

Love and hugs to you and Abi

Sis said...

Oh yes my informative Bro .... when you previously mentioned Pandora I had a look see and have registered(though had to borrow my friends address in Florida as it's illegal in the UK hence can't use a uk address).
It truly is a wondeful thing. I have set up a few of my own stations now based on different musical inspirations. So good spot young man. I eagerly await your next discovery.


TimofSuburbia said...

Expand your Pandora experience at...