Friday, December 15, 2006

a little update .... 14/12/06

Well I started a little resume last night, and then the laptop re-booted itself thanks to some updates being applied, so we’ll have to start again :-). In fairness this week has been pretty much work driven, so on an exciting ‘gossip’ front, there is nothing! BUT today is Friday - yeah!! and the weekend starts h-e-r-e!!

My company have been bought out – this all happened late last week and has been ‘in the wings’ for a few weeks now, it’s just a shame I missed the introductory meeting, but I understand that it’s pretty much ‘carry on as is’ for the time being. I’m sure changes will be introduced, but for the moment, nothing drastic. The company are a big American corporation, so I’m sure some of their ethics and structure will be brought in, but I can’t see anything negative – I do however reserve the right to change my mind! It's funny how differently companies do things, as Rob's company have just been through the same process I could compare, but in fairness, there is no comparison. He's had letters and emails and updates throughout the process, I didn't. When it all went through he got a letter & a welcome pack ... I got an email from the new MD saying, 'it's gone through, it's official - here's a weblink ...' how poor is that?!!

There is an arm of the company in Australia, so I went and met with them yesterday morning (the MD and the Logistics Manager) – they will be seeing how they can take the Australian Office further, so it’s all quite exciting. It was all fortuitous timing too as I had a 2nd meeting with the NSW Fire Brigade that afternoon and some of the work they want done – they might be able to assist with and if it all comes off it’ll be an order in excess of £24k (pounds nor Aussie Dollars) for the first stage, so fingers crossed.

I’ve had the sat-nav working over here – I fell out with it first day as I drove around for 20mins and then just made my way back to the hotel and started again!! … some of the roads are shut in the morning (ie giving access to the Bridge) but obviously this doesn’t register on sat-nav … I should’ve at least looked what direction I needed to have been heading in & I wouldn’t have been so frustrated – lesson learnt! On the whole though, the traffic, although heavy, does move and that’s more than can be said for London.

Yesterday was an absolute stunner weather wise, today it’s been grey and drizzly all day, so a good day to be stuck at the laptop. I think Rob’s mentioned we’re off to a wildlife park tomorrow morning, so the plan is to leave here at 07:30 [yup! you read that correctly!!] I thought we were going to a park where you can cuddle things, but by all accounts it's a reptile park (there is a cuddly one, but it's in the wrong direction ... but who needs to look at a map eh?! - me! obviously!! ... I think I'm just surprised Rob's up for going to a reptile one - if I get him to hold a snake, I'll be sure to take lots of piccies! There is a crocodile with 3 legs [so I've been told] and aligators) & then onto the Hunter Valley for a sedate lunch and some wine sampling – the weather’s destined to improve by Sunday... but then looking at the forecast it's still overcast with a chance of rain until end of next week. The weather for Perth is better, shame I’m going to be in the office – all being well the evenings will be nice and I’ll have chance to have a look round and do a little Christmas shopping for Rob’s stocking!!

We went for a walk tonight and I bought him some sandals (no laughing) but as he had to try them on, I can't really wrap them up and get away with that one ... but they are really great and yes, don't fret - I managed to find myself a pair too! (or should that be - two?!?). Right, pizza's done - so off to have some tea :-) more news after the weekend of exploring xx

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