Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I've seen the future

Nearly bumped into a guy called Alan Border today, apparently he’s some sort of Aussie Cricket legend!!!! Daniel Craig, the new James Bond, is also staying in the hotel. Now he is someone I would have recognised. I have to say that cricket is not a sport that interests me although it’s good to see we're putting up a bit of a fight after the hammering we received in the first test. No, let me correct that last statement. I’ve just checked the BBC website and we’re 75-4. Not good!!!

I had an email from my dad this morning. He reminded me of the 3-0 bashing Spurs took off Arsenal last weekend. Thanks Dad!!! I blame the bloody players, someone ought to. This is a team that nearly (and I mean very nearly) took 4th place in the premiership last year. If it wasn't for some dodgy food in a second rate Marriott hotel they would be playing in the Champions League. Everyone looks to the manager. Take Glen Hoddle and Graeme Souness for example, they were both useless. Mind you anyone that wants to manage Newcastle must need their bumps reading. This is one of the biggest clubs in England that excels at under performing. I blame Alan Shearer. However, the players have a responsibility to perform as a team. How can they beat Chelsea one week get spanked by Reading the next!!!!!

News on the new Ipod phone is buzzing round the internet. No details yet but I found this mocked up picture on the web. It’s all very exciting. If it’s anything like their other devices expect it to look very sexy, have around 30 minutes talk time, 2 hours on standby, it will only accept video calls from other iPod phone, won’t be compatible with anything running windows mobile, the only outlet for these will the Apple Store website and you will need a subscription to iTunes before it works.
Who knows, but I’m the sort of mug that would buy one. The expression Form over Function comes to mind. I'm not intent on bashing Apple, I love their products, just a little sarcasm coming to the surface.

I'd like to apologise for the ever changing blog layout. I get bored easily and I'm using a beta version of Blogger than allows me to change the layout with one click. I like the one click approach - Something that Amazon and iTunes have perfected. It makes it easier to spend money.

And my final comment for the day 'Ab-dabs arrives in 40 HOURS and 55 MINUTES!!!!!! Woooo Hooo'

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