Monday, December 18, 2006

Hunter Valley

We’ve just come back from a wonderful weekend in the Hunter Valley. Leaving Sydney at the crack of dawn on Saturday (yup! we really were up at 6:00 at the weekend!) we spent a couple of hours at the Australian Reptile Park. It’s an interesting place albeit a little small. I’m not really a fan of zoos, I’m sure the animals would rather be out in the wild than pacing some little cage. We arrived IN THE RAIN enough of a down pour to buy and wear attractive plastic 'capes' (as seen in photo) - fortunately it didn't last too long, but we had a couple of really heavy showers! Also, bare in mind it was a 'Reptile Park' ... there was a small snake 'walk through' (which Rob loved!) a couple of 'pits' with some lizard type things (most of the labels were unreadable, so my knowledge wasn't broadened ... this ignorance isn't solely my fault) - then there were birds, koals, wallabys and giant tortoises - not very reptilian. Oh! the spider section was good though and they were also collecting venum from a really rather big spider who looked a little hacked off with being poked with a tube - funnily enough. Sorry, I've missed out the alligator section (lots as they are obviously native Australian!!) and one croc (with 3 legs, as 4th bitten off by a suitor, he'd already killed a number though [he's not the most loving], so he deserved it by all accounts!)

From here we drove on to Pokolbin and had a fantastic lunch at a local vineyard. For the life of me I can’t remember the name of the place and will have to wait for Abi to check the receipt - [oh fountain of knowlege here ... it was: Jeffs Grill] I sampled a few of the local wines while Abi stuck to water (she was driving :-(). Properly fed we decided to take in a couple of vineyards and do a little ‘wine tasting’. Rob wanted to go back to Rosemont Estate, where he'd had a fabulous lunch a couple of years ago, but the Rosemont we found looked like an old wooden School House, very pretty, but not really the big corporate image you'd expect. The vineyard Rob had gone to is no longer open to the public as it was a way off (an additional hour) and not many people made the journey ... On the way back to the hotel ‘eagle eyed’ Abi spotted a ‘mob’ of Kangaroo’s in a field. We then had to park up and walk back down the highway and take some photo’s... it was fab! there were atleast 30, some were playing (or fighting - hard to tell!!) some were standing and have a scratch, some were eating - every now and again one would 'boing' along :-) it was great, until some other car stopped and 2 of the people got out and walked into the field and scared them all off ... I wasn't happy!

That evening we sat on the veranda with glass of wine in hand and watched another group of kangaroo’s bounce out of next doors vineyard and hop across a field. It was a perfect evening.

On Sunday we had brunch at the hotel on what was turning out to be lovely day weather wise. The weather has been pretty bad so far. Quite cold and overcast but the sun finally appeared and it was time to get a tan. We spent what was left of the day wandering round the ‘Hunter Valley Gardens’, which were great actually - lots of water, birds & plants (everything you'd expect really!) but very well laid out and there was a 'story book corner' - you can see the photos of Rob & I sitting at the Alice in Wonderland table - it was great! We then took the scenic drive back home to Sydney.

Abi left for Perth this morning (getting up at 03:30 for a 06:00 flight!! AND Perth is 2 hours behind, so that was 01:30 their time ... brains must be missing!) and will be back on Thursday evening. I’m sure she’ll be updating the blog once she’s read my pathetic attempt (you're just hunting for compliments - it was a great resume, I just 'bulk'!!). I've uploaded a few photo's so please check out the links on the left hand side.

Speak soon.


Abi said...

Hey honey - not such a bad attempt, in fact, pretty damn good! but - as I've been up since 03:30 and it's now 00:02, I'm going to 'bulk it out' tomorrow!! night xx

D said...

It took ages to locate you at the Tea Party