Tuesday, December 26, 2006

First blog of Christmas

Friday 22nd December - It’s the end of the week and Christmas is just around the corner (yeah!) – everyone’s packing up early and Rob’s been given early release and has booked a cab for 15:00hrs. I’ve an appointment with the Fire Brigade to introduce the products to another 3 guys and then just need to catch up on some reports and freedom for me too! It’s weird to think that if we were still home everyone would’ve been packing up from 09:00 … nothing normally goes on in the run up to Christmas, whereas here it’s like ‘just another day’ – no decorations up, no Christmas songs on the radio, no real Christmas trees (they’ve got frames, wrapped in tinsel and then decorated). The day started overcast, but soon cleared, and warmed up. Rob & I met for a coffee when he got home from work, then I went off to get my hair cut and so did Rob.

All trimmed and smart, we went out for a few drinks with some of Rob’s colleagues. One guy was leaving (who Rob had worked with on and off for ages, in the UK & here), so we caught the tram from under Star City and went a couple of stops to Glebe. We then walked to the pub / hotel, sat outside and partook in a couple of wines! We then went on to a Tapas bar and apart from the octypus (complete with suckers) it was lovely! The trams are supposed to run every 10 – 15 mins … so we went back to the tram stop and waited …. waited …. waited … one went in the wrong direction and yet we still waited … then we decided to walk. As it turned out not an unwise decision; we followed the road round, passed the Fish Markets and on to the hotel – tram stop to door in less than 15minutes!

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