Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Monday 25th

Well ….. we had to keep saying ‘Merry Christmas!’ as never a more un-christmassy feeling day has there been. We got ready and went downstairs to catch a cab. Driving around, it could have been any day of the week or the year. Arrived at Fiona & Justin’s (my friends Sister & Brother-In-Law) just gone 11:45 and were ushered into the garden with a strawberry dachari (mmmm!). Ciaran (who’s 3) decided that he’d ignore us totally on arrival, but then about 15 minutes later, Rob had a new fan and ‘Robbie you have to come to my room’ was heard (Rob here: Please note that only 3 year old can call me Robbie!!!!!) We then lost Robbie (!!) with Thomas the Tank Engine & friends!! Lunch was in full swing, with the BIGGEST ham in the world being cooked (in an oven in the garden) and masses of vegetables and a turkey too. The table had been extended and everything looked fabulous, there were 14 (I think) of us and it was a super, super day. Rob and I were even lucky enough to get some pressies (consumable and gorgeous) and were made to feel really welcome, it was lovely. It was really rather odd being able to sit in the garden after dinner and not have to hide under (generally new) fleeces and jumpers! It was also lovely to be in a house with a couple of dogs too … both very well behaved and suitably friendly! Unusually for Rob though, there are no photos of the dougles, so we’ll have to visit again and rectify that (for you Mum, one of the dogs is a beautiful golden retriever and she’s lovely).

Rob and I got a cab back home and snuggled down to watch a movie (after a few phone calls as Christmas Day in the UK was just beginning). We watched United 93, which is about the fourth plane to be hijacked on September 11th. It probably wasn’t the most festive of movies but it was thought provoking. The flight departed from Newark Airport in New Jersey. Rob lived about 20 minutes away and remembers that day like it was yesterday. Anyway, we won’t dwell on it anymore but check out some of the links below.

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