Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sunday 24th

Again ‘the plan’ was to catch the ferry to one destination or another (nothing fixed) and then go for a coastal walk. One plan was to go to Manley and walk to the heads (harbour to ocean) which by all accounts will take about an hour each way, which sounded like a great plan. When we got up the sky was cloudy but it has been clearing by early afternoon, so I popped a strappy top in the rucksack (not wanting to suffer huge ‘lines’ like I did the other day) – and off we set. However, by the time we’d walked up through the town the clouds got thicker and the rain started, not just a few spots but a huge downpour! We hid under a shop awning and bought a coffee thinking we’d found a sheltered spot. That was fine until we sat down and the awning decided it couldn’t cope with the weight of the water and tipped a huge amount into Rob’s coffee and onto his lap!

We decided to scrap the walk and head down to the Rocks for a late lunch. The Rocks is the birthplace of modern Sydney. Click on the link for more info. The photo below shows the restaurant we finally settled on. (For those of you who’ve had the video, this is where I ordered my pig!!) Another couple of downpours later, we emerged fully fatted and walked round to the Opera House whilst waiting for our ferry home! One thing I love about Sydney is the ferries. It’s a great way to travel, especially on sunny days. Unfortunately it was pouring down but being of hardy stock we decided to don our plastic macs and sit outside.

Once back, we decided to celebrate Christmas a little early. So we opened a bottle of champagne and some pressies. I had a super ‘all you could need’ box of BodyShop goodies and proceeded to have a bath and try out every one…. Fan-tas-tic! Went to bed smelling yummy!

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