Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Saturday 23rd

The plan was to get up early, walk round to the Opera House, pick up our tickets for the concert and then come back, get ready and go out for lunch .. as it happens, we got up (late) – lounged about, got ready and walked down to Darling Harbour to meet Jan & Pam, my cousins (a number of times removed) for lunch! As we walked out of the apartment the already grey clouds brought rain. Rob and I are determined not to buy anything warm or waterproof on this trip to Australia so we just had to suffer (every time we've been here we've had to buy something to counter the weather and as it's supposed to be summer now, it ain't gonna happen again!!). As it happens it only managed a few spots, bringing with it humidity – so thank goodness for air conditioning! I’ve met Pam a couple of times for lunch (she works in the city) but neither Rob or I have met with her Norwegian husband Jan (pronounced Yan). It was a really lovely couple of hours, time to catch up and hear about all the different countries, life-styles and Christmas customs. Lunch was delicious, we ordered various dishes & tried a little of everything, one of those ordered was beef vindaloo, but in fairness it wasn’t as ‘hot’ as Rob’s normal madras, so no fire breathing antics!

We then walked round to StarBucks for the obligatory coffee and said our goodbyes. From there we walked back to the apartment for a quick change and off to the Opera House. When we got back to the room though, we had a lovely surprise from the guest relations lady we’ve known since our first stay here – we had a bag containing a bottle of chilled champagne, teas, biscuits, chocolates & Christmas candy canes with a card – it was really lovely! We caught the ferry there and walked (only a short one) from Circular Quay – straight in, picked up the tickets and to our seats. The hall was pretty well full and the concert was great – very festive and full of good cheer. There was a sing-a-long ‘three white boomers’ which we deduced was referring to Kangaroos as everyone was ‘boing-ing’ about the stage. At the end of the show they got the kiddies up for an encore. As always a little one stole the show, he must only have been about 2 and looked totally bemused and dazed by the whole thing. He eventually got the hang of how to ‘bounce’, much to everyone’s delight & applause! That finished relatively early (20:00hr-ish) so we walked back via Coles (shop) for a few bits and bobs and then home.

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