Thursday, December 07, 2006

Can a woman park...?

Couple of interesting articles on ‘The Times Online’ today (I usually logon to the Sun or Daily Star but got a little confused this morning). The first is about Valet Parking which doesn’t sound that exciting until you check out ‘Valet Girls’!!!! Great idea, interesting concept, do they franchise? See their website here.

I also found an article about about driving by Alistair Cook (English Batsman). He made an interesting comment on Australian driving ‘“They are such bad drivers. They can’t drive quickly — they dawdle at 30mph on a three-lane motorway, for goodness sake. And they have these really wide roads that they could be using so much more.” I'd like to make a couple of observations a) Some roads have a 50km limit, which is 30mph b) If he has ever driven in Sydney he would know that the roads are VERY narrow and c) is he expecting to make any friends while he's down here? I have to agree but then the Brits drive too fast. It should be noted that this comes from a guy who drives a bright orange Ford Focus and can’t see the little red balls the Aussie bowlers chuck at him. See the rest of the article here,,22750-2480512,00.html

Abi arrived in Sydney this morning, an hour and a half later than planned. It seems BA is as punctual as as Virgin. I had to leave for work before she arrived at the hotel but I’m looking forward to seeing her tonight.

Finally, a note to my readers. I know people are reading this blog, not as many as usual, but people are reading it. So let’s have some feedback. An artist suffers without feedback from his loyal readers. So for all technophobes (Herb & Dad!!!!) I’ve written some instructions. It’s simple.

1. Click on the comments link underneath the particular entry
2. Enter your comments
3. Click on ‘Other’ and enter your name or alias
4. Hit Publish.

Job done, it’s simple. So sis, I know you were reading the blog at lunchtime yesterday, so leave a comment, don’t be lazy!!!


Murray said...

Comments...Hah! I left one the other day and was ignored. Have you planned any adventures yet based on the Sydney info I left??? If you want to stock up on some really high end food stuffs for New Year's Eve check out a little shop just around the corner from where you're staying. It's called Simon Johnson's and it has the BEST of everything you can imagine. They even have a walk in fromagerie which I know you'll enjoy Rob.
181 Harris Street
T 9552 2522

Good to hear Abi touched down safely.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ..... here I go again! Is it worth typing much ? Have you sorted my flight out yet????


Sis said...

Hi ya .... It worked.... yah!!!!

So now you can't moan at me Bro !!!

PS. Have you sorted my flight out yet????


Sis said...

AH HA !!! 'Valet Girls' eh ??? Naughty boy ... they're not wearing much. Can't we have 'Valet Boyz' too? That'd keep me and Abi happy ;-p

Anways, just wanted to ask .... HAVE YOU SORTED MY FLIGHT OUT YET???

Anonymous said...

Guess who ... betcha can't?!

Booked me flight yet?


Sis said...

Right ho!

I'm off to swanky Christmas do in Covent Garden. We've been booked into a lovely hotel and it's ALL free! I'm on the table with our CEO! Deep Joy!

Glad Abi's there now ... you won't be lonely now :-)


P@#*ed Off Reader said...

I see how it works. Abi arrives and all of a sudden Rob has something better to do; Thus the Blog gets ignored. Well what about the hordes who rush to the computer daily just to get an update on how things are going in Rob's world?!?! SHAME ON YOU ROB! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!