Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tech-Ed update – Day 2 in Barcelona

Incoming brain overload!!!! There are way too many sessions, 7 sessions per day with around 10 presentations per session. I can’t go to all of them and I think my brain is going to explode. That’s not true really!!!!, it’s been very interesting and I’m looking forward to the last few days. I’ve focused on Architecture and Mobility, trying to figure out what the future may hold. Perhaps I should rephrase that and say ‘I’m looking at Microsoft’s vision of the future’

In response to Murrays comment, No, Mr Gates didn't grace us with his presence. I think he's somewhere saving the world or having lunch with Bono (what a muppet!!). A guy called Eric Rudder delivered the Key Note speach. He's senior VP (why do americans insist on calling executives VP's? LBJ, Gore, Ford and Nixon were VP's, these guys are directors). I didn't grace the session, this was partly due to BA's on time departure (there is some sarcasm here guys). As I was VERY late getting in to Barcelona I decided to have an extra hour in bed and miss the rush as registration.

What does the future hold for me in the wonderful world of outsourced development? Do I really want to be a paper pusher? Endless telephone conferences with people in remote places, awful hours and discussing the merits of left and right justification, font’s and sizes. The highlight of my year being the next release of Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Noooooooo I’ve decided I’d like to work on developing myself into a solutions architect. Why I hear you ask. Well it seems an interesting career path to take. An ideas man, someone with a vision. I don’t want to regurgitate previous projects, I want to look to the future, innovate and stretch myself. I don’t want to work in the Strategy team; I’d rather do something that has some benefit to the business. I’d rather walk the walk than spend hours talking the talk. I want to come a recognised professional at what I do. Yeah!!!! I had an interesting discussion with a Microsoft Certified Architect yesterday (only 120 in the world). He’s given me some tips on how to develop my career. Further updates on this subject will appear shortly.

Oh and my blog has been published on the Conference Web Site (see picture). No idea why I submitted it, I just thought I would do it for a laugh. I don’t think any of the attendee’s will find it interesting but lets see if any leave some comments.

I’ve uploaded a few conference photos to our Flickr site. (Click on the Flicr link on the right hand side to see them). I’ve also started a Flickr map. Click here and have a play with it :-) I think it's a very cool way of looking at your photos.

More updates later!!! Have fun!!

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