Wednesday, November 29, 2006

One Step Beyond

I've arrived in Sydney and I’m just recovering from the jet lag. An uneventful, if delayed flight caused by congestion over Amsterdam. Why they couldn’t have gone over Kent and Denmark I’ve no idea. It’s a pretty big sky, plenty of space to move around, you’d think people would use their initiative for a change. Perhaps the pilots are all using the same version of Tom Tom navigator!?!?! I woke up of Uzbekistan, not a very interesting view so I went back to sleep. I spent most of the flight sitting next to a Virgin Blue stewardess who wouldn’t shut up. Thankfully I managed to move on the HKG – SYD leg and get some peace and quiet.

Sydney was baking when I arrived, 30+ degrees and humid, but it cooled down later that afternoon and this evening its quite cold. The weather here is a little odd. One minute I’m sitting outside in a t-shirt having a flat white (coffee for you brits) and then, within the space of 30 minutes the temperature drops 10 degree’s. It felt like someone had turned the air conditioning on.

Work is going well, although nothing to get excited about. Plenty to keep me out of trouble over the next six weeks, including working over the holidays!!! Bugger!!! I’m doing a little Christmas shopping over the weekend and some advance planning for Abi’s arrival. I need to come up with some things to do while she’s here. A visit to the Cinema and the Hunter Valley are on the cards but any suggestions would be welcomed. Just click on the link underneath this entry to leave a comment.

I downloaded some Madness tracks on to my iPod before I left home. We received a free Madness Live CD in last Sunday’s daily mail. So with 24 hours to kill I thought I’d listen to something different. It bought back so many memories, flashbacks to school discos, the drainpipe trousers, white towelling sports socks, black loafers. Who can forget the opening line….’Good morning miss, can I help you son, 16 today and up for fun….’ singing about a 16 year old trying to buy some condoms. I think I’ll dig out some more 80’s classics, The Smiths (not Murray’s favourite, I have no idea why!!!), The Cult, The Cure, Talking Heads, Level 42, OMD, Japan…I could go on but I won’t.

On another note I found this interesting video on the 'Where the Hell is Matt' blog (see my earlier posting). I know it's stupid but isn't 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery'. Check out the guy doing the Robot dance. I spilt my coffee!!!!

Random thought of the day ‘If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?’ Answers on a postcard please.


Abi said...

well, I've made a concerted effort to have a look DAILY as instructed and what do I find? NOTHING!! that's what... you can't be slacking off so early :-)

Am expecting LOTS of things organised or 'in the wings' so hope we get lots of suggestions - that website you popped on is good, I want to find a comedy club too xx

murray said...

OK team...Here are some suggestions for things to do.

Check out the Festival of Sydney website and choose your poison -

Go for a walk from Bondi to Bronte -

Here's a comedy club -


Anonymous said...

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