Saturday, November 11, 2006

Jazz with Miles & Dizzy

Well the conference has finished and I’m all done – physically and emotionally. My brain is full to capacity and I need to take it easy this weekend. It was an enjoyable conference but probably aimed at someone far more technical than myself. Still, I attended some very interesting sessions on mobility and got the latest news on Microsoft products.

This weekend Abi and I are planning to explore the wonderful city of Barcelona. If you can get past the loud Americans and British Stag/Hen parties then it’s a great place to spend the weekend. Abi and I wandered around a little bit of the Gothic area last night, did a little window shopping & then sat outside a lovely restaurant drinking Rioja while watching the world go by. Perfect.

The hotel we’re staying at is awesome!!!!! The Cassa Camper. One of the best hotels we’ve EVER stayed at. Just off Las Ramblas near MOCBA (Museum of Contemporary Art). It’s on a quiet side street right in the middle of town. The location couldn’t be any better. It’s in a very old building yet has a modern feel to it. Only 25 rooms, so it’s not impersonal and every member of staff greets you as if you were a friend, but not in a ‘put on’ way. This is how hotels should be. Its a member of Design Hotels, a group of hotels 'united by progressive design'!!!

The Lobby is like a 50’s jazz club, with arty features, a map of Barcelona & then a seating area, where we can enjoy breakfast (made to order via a little ‘hatch’) in the 24hr self service area. This is equipped with snacks and drinks, salads, soups, pastries and in the morning cheeses & breads. The reception ‘desk’ is an informal (but organised) bar like area – so all in all, we are impressed and Rob will make me appreciate his hotel seeking skills for a while to come! (Rob’s just mentioned that is the perfect place to start searching for hotels whenever you travel – so he’s not taking all the credit!)

Right, breakfast is about to arrive – so we’ll catch up later. More on the wonders of Barcelona to come.

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