Saturday, October 14, 2006

Pot and Kettle

I’ve had some interesting comments over the past few days. Please keep them coming, it’s good to know people are reading this and I appreciate the feedback. One person in particular made a comment regarding attitudes to different cultures and poverty in general. I appreciate that there are many differences between the UK and India or what I refer to as the Western culture and the ‘third world’. It’s been pointed out to me that this ‘difference’ is religious & material.

Looking at the India I’ve seen I would say that, like us, status is also sometimes judged by material wealth. We don’t have a caste system, but a class system. No so much based upon who your family is but what you earn and the way you present yourself to society. The differences are difficult for me to understand. How people can live and work surrounded by poverty. How you can sit in a 5 star hotel while people stave outside. I appreciate that things MAY be better in the ‘next live’ but don’t most people live for today or at the very least ‘this life’. Everyone has their own idea of what a comfortable life would be. Some may want to win the lottery, others may want to retire to a nice part of the country and some want a change in job or a full stomach every day. This is determined by the environment you live in and the people you interact with. Who am I to say what is right or wrong?!?!?

So ‘pot stirrer’ keep those comments coming. I’m interested to see what you say next. Will you reveal your identity?

I’m off to explore the city tomorrow. I’m not feeling too well today. A bit of a spicy Chinese meal last night and a very hot curry the night before. I think it’s time to rest and recover. ONLY 5 MORE DAYS AND I’M BACK….Praise the lord!!!!!!!

More to come tomorrow – be good :-)

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Herb said...

This discussion is getting a bit serious, but does show how our attitude varies to life in general. I think we(in Western Europe)are to materialistic, and have lost the distinction between 'want' & 'need'. Go anywhere in England and I will bet that the happiest people you meet are never the richest (monetary wealth). This probably applies all over the world. To have a family, sufficient food and a home is all you need to survive happily. Unfortunately it sounds as if people you are meeting or seeing, do not even have these basics and yet they appear to be happier than some I know.
Hope your digestion improves - don't forget the alcohol.