Sunday, October 22, 2006

Green and Pleasant Land

I'm back!!!!! My feet are on solid ground, I have a cup of tea in one hand and a marmite sarnie in the other (it's making it very difficult to type). No more rushing to the toilet, cleaning my hands every five minutes or worring if the bus next to us is going to run us off the road.

I've been asked if I've taken anything away with me. Thats something I need to think about for a while. At the moment I have no great desire to visit India again. It's not somewhere I would want to return to for pleasure or work.

On another note click on the Flickr pictures on the right hand side to see some photo's of my trip. I've also uploaded some photo's of the completed garden. We still have a lot of planting to do but it's looking good.

Abi is now on her way home and I imagine she's approaching Darwin about now. :-)

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Herb said...

I like the green and pleasant garden - looking very nice. Will give the Wysteria something to climb over.