Sunday, October 15, 2006

Abi's down under .....

Well, I thought I'd add a line or two too, seeing as this has built up a bit of an audience :-) I'm currently sitting in a darkened hotel room in Sydney with the wind howling through the balcony door and the rain pouring down .... yes, it is true - where ever I go, I always seem to attract the poor weather. Yesterday was a stunning 37degrees, blue sky and brilliant sunshine (landing at 05:00), but last night as we sat on the terrace overlooking Cockle Bay Wharf (the bay end of Darling Harbour) the wind picked up enough to blow the unoccupied chairs across the floor and ruin my hair!! We managed to battle on and did eat our scrummy Thai dinner outside, but I was glad of the cardi I'd taken 'just incase'.

It was then onto the Toohey's bar on the corner for a couple more drinks before heading back to the hotel. For those of you who don't know, I'm away with Chris (boss) and we'd met up with a guy from another company who Rob & I met for dinner a few weeks back, as he's looking to open an Australian 'arm' of a UK Company and wanted to pick my brains with regards sales areas / markets and opportunities as they work predominently in the construction industry too. I've already assisted him with the likes of relevant legislation and some leads, but told him I wasn't interested in using him in any sales role, whilst he set up his own business, but he thought that he'd ask Chris anyway - it felt kind of good when he was told that no, it was I who had the say with regards to Australia, and whatever I'd told him, was where Scafftag stood :-)

Jet lag kicked in and I called it a night about 1am, but the guys went to another couple of bars and Chris got in gone 3am. I set the alarm this morning for 9.30, read for a bit and then went back to sleep, eventually crawling out about 1pm and we went out through Sydney, under the bridge, through the Rocks, down to Circular Quay where we had some dinner & then had to go & purchase umbrellas to escape the rain :-) We went up to the 17th floor of the hotel to look at the view & have a martini (shan't be partaking in another - it was supposed to be on 'crushed baby apples' but was like pure vodka with an un-pitted olive!). Then the Scottish Footie started & it was off to the Sports Bar downstairs .... his side is winning though, so unlike Rags, he's happy (so far)!

Tomorrow we have to set up for the exhibition, but I hope the weather will improve. It's about an hour on the ferry to the Olympic Park and it's the first time I've been there, so I'm looking forward to seeing it - it shouldn't take more than 1/2 a day to set up the stand, all being well everything will have arrived & be waiting there for us just to assemble, we're then off to the Botanical Gardens for a wander & a view of the fruit bats.

As Rob'll know ever since we've been coming to Sydney, I've wanted to do a whale-watching cruise, but we've never done it. Then on my last trip it was out of season, so tonight I went via the boat trip place & found that viewings are guaranteeed until November, so I'm going on Friday - keep your fingers crossed for me!

Well, that's about my lot for now my bed is calling, so I trust all is well in the rest of the world & I'll update again soon xx
Editors Note: Whale watching, I'm so glad I'm not going, I'd spend most of my time with my head in a bucket :-) Just finished watching Bolton beat Newcastle and I'm off to bed. Another fun filled day in Kolkata awaits. What joy.

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Herb said...

Thanks for the update. Why don't you visit the outback, they could do with the rain!
It has been nice here. Hope that you are successful on Friday and manage to see some whales.
Everything okay here. Amber much improved and kept pestering for something after lunch - after trying the usual food and treats without success, we asked if she wanted a walk. Hit the nail on the head, so Mum and A took a quick sprint! behind Crossways to the stile and back. No ill effects evident and she is much happier.