Monday, August 21, 2006

at spise Kobenhavn

I said I would provide a Denmark update and here it is. We spent the weekend of the 4th – 7th August in Denmark. Here are some facts

Land area: 16,359 sq mi (42,370 sq km); total area: 16,639 sq mi (43,094 sq km)
Population (2006 est.): 5,450,661 (growth rate: 0.3%); birth rate: 11.1/1000; infant mortality rate: 4.5/1000; life expectancy: 77.8; density per sq mi: 333
Capital: Copenhagen, 1,094,400 Other large cities: Århus, 220,700; Odense, 144,600; Ålborg, 120,600
Languages: Danish, Faroese, Greenlandic (Inuit dialect), German; English is the predominant second language

Why did we go? Abi has a Danish friend (Bollette) she’s known for years. It was her 30th Birthday and she invited us over for a BBQ. We decided to take a long weekend and see a little of Copenhagen. First impressions of Denmark? Lovely place. Very flat. Danish sounds a little like German (but don’t mention that as they aren’t too keen on the Germans). They like to drink. Copenhagen has to be one of the dirtiest capital cities in the world. Did I mention that they like to drink?

Weekends highlights. Bollette’s dogs were wonderful (see pictures) Drinking jagermeister with two local farmers and trying to tell jokes that don’t translate very well. Abi falling asleep at the table after drinking way too much white wine. Going on a boat tour around the city. Dinner at a pavement Café on Sunday night in the old part of the city. The Sale stickers in shop windows (see picture). Finding a shop with air conditioning.

Famous Danish people? All I cam this of is Peter Schmeical. First comment with another famous Dane wins a weeks supply of Andrex Toilet Paper (the posh stuff!!)

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