Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Talking to myself

It appears that I'm the only person that reads this. :-( I'm really dissapointed.

Random Image of the Day

There is a prize to the first person who can guess what this is. Remember I'm going through duty free on Thursday, just think what you could win? A bottle of booze, a fridge magnet, a small stuffed Koala or some pick and mix. Emails to the usual place please. If no-one wins or the answers are really lame then I plan to splash out and get myself another gadget.

So whats new then? We'll the ongoing saga with the handover to our new Indian development team continues. The existing team is doing nothing and whole process is about as transparent as a reinforced steel door!!!!. My experience of remote outsourced teams is pretty poor to date. The words lazy and dissinterested spring to mind. I'm told everything has been documented, but as far as I'm aware nobody has put pen to paper, or fingers to a keyboard. "We should have had the basic processes well-thought-out, documented and understood by everyone before the team went offshore." Hmmmmmm watch this space.


Anonymous said...

I think it's an elbow or a knee or some bent body part .. I expect to win a MASSIVE bag of pick and mix (not really, as i know you'll get the munchies on the plane and eat it all!) or the gadget you're about to buy yourself (which you probably will anyway, lets be honest!!) - don't get down honey, you've done all you can and as much as it's not polite you can always give the 'I told you so' speech. SA have never been that interested in accepting responsibility or have really got to grips with the whole project - it's their downfall, everyone still loves you :-)

Anonymous said...

Buck up tiny dancer, everyone still thinks you're ace! It just sounds like your company doesn't appreciate its people...Hang on, that applies to every single corporate on earth doesn't it? The philosophy that 'people are the most important asset' is floored since the company never has, never will and wouldn't ever want to own a person. Further, an asset appears as a reportable item in the annual report...where was your name in last year's report?