Saturday, July 15, 2006

Permanent Shade of Roachford

The weekend has finally arrived and I've managed to free myself from the shackles of work. Had a great start on Friday night. One of the project services team was leaving and I got invited along for drinks and dinner. Started at a bar in North Sydney then went down to a restaurant on the shore. Great views of the bridge and the Opera house and the food wasn't too bad either. It was a nice evening and a good start to the weekend.

I spent Saturday visiting the Maritime Museum and the Power House Museum with a colleague from work, his wife and his 10 year old son. Both great museums and a nice place to spend a very wet and windy Saturday. We then went to a noodle house for lunch. Once we’d finished I went for a stroll round the harbour, grabbed a ‘White Chocolate Mocha’ from Starbucks (it’s as nice as it sounds). I watch a band warming up for a free concert tonight. There was a great Italian singer would I have liked to hear but it was pouring down this evening so I stayed in (Billy no mates)!!!

I've been listening to my iPod quite a lot while I've been travelling. To be able to have your entire music collection with you is amazing. Who would have thought that would ever be possible. If you haven't got one I urge you to go out and buy one. I can pick up the 60gb (able to hold 15,000 songs) video iPod for £60 off UK retail price if anyone is interested. I might just get one anyway, I can always e-bay it.

So what have I been listening to? Andrew Roachford is my singer of choice at the moment. I
know Sarah and Abi will remember him from the late 80's. Cuddly Toy? Family Man?!! His first cassette (just before CD’s arrived) was very raw, rock, pop music but over the past 17 years he's just got better and better and better. More soulful and if I can quote from an Amazon review of his latest CD 'Word of Mouth; 'This is a recording to treasure by one of the UK's most talented yet shamefully ignored artists.' . That is soooo true. If anyone would like some samples of his music let me know and I’ll be happy to pass some on. I’m keeping an eye on his website because I have to see him live. If I had to recommend 5 of his songs to listen to I’d suggest the following

The Way I Feel – ‘Feel’
Kathleen – ‘Roachford’
River of Love – ‘Word of Mouth’ (click on this for a sample)
Tomorrow – ‘Word of Mouth’ (click on this for a sample)
This Generation – Permanent Shade of Blue

Most people tend to listen to music when they're doing something. Reading, driving, walking. People don't really just listen to music, it's just something in the background. Try listening to the lyrics and attempt to understand what the artist is trying to get across. I'm not talking about the spice girls here but something a little deeper than that.

Work is really annoying me at the moment. Our outsourcing plan isn't going to plan :-) Oh well s**t happens and I'm really not that bothered. Right, that’s it for the moment. More music advice and travel info to come

Rob x

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