Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Long way from home...:-)

Right, many thanks for the emails and comments (well the two or three that I received). It's nice to know some people are watching. My dad thought the site was updated once?!?!?!?! My sister and I have tried to explain the blogging concept to him but technology is not something he keeps up to date with. I'm sure I've seen him using an Abacus at some point and he types with one finger (I use five!!!!) :-)

Yestedays random image was tooo easy, it was an arm. It came from this guys
web site. Check out the other body parts on there. I like the bum :-) I'm going to try again with another image and get you guy's googling. The person is the photo below is very famous. Well when I say famous, only in particular circles. Here are a few clues that should give it away.

  • A founding father of the most important style of music to ever come out of the US
  • His songs have been covered by many many bands, amongst them are the Stones, Cream and Clapton
  • He has influenced so many artists including the 'Red Hot Chili Peppers', 'Fleetwood Mac' & the 'White Stripes'
  • He died in a fight over a woman (thats so cool!!!)
  • It's claimed he sold his soul to the devil at a Crossroads
  • He wrote 29 songs, but some people think he wrote 30. Noone knows what that last song is.
  • He is a member of Club 27


Anonymous said...

Robert Johnson - Although I believe there was some doubt as to his eligability for the 27 club since his actual birth date is disputed. - This time instead of a single malt lets make it Bombay Saphire:)

Anonymous said...

We will see