Friday, July 28, 2006

Lifes a beach

We'll I'm back in the UK and straight back into work. I had an uneventful flight back although I had a pretty bad headache for the first 9 hours. Managed to catch 'Max and Paddy' on the inflight TV. I'm not a huge Peter Kay fan but this was so funny. It helped pass the time. Abi met me at the airport, which was a lovely surprise. She got up just before 4am to get there on time. I was a little late getting through as I left my iPod on the plane and didn't realise until I was about to go through customs.

Abi and I have booked next years holiday and I'm getting excited even though it's 7 months away. We've decided to go somewhere neither of us have been before, Thailand and China :-) We plan to start off on the beach somewhere in southern Thailand and then fly to Hong Kong for a few days before returning home.

The hotel in Hong Kong is going to be pretty easy to sort out. I've ordered the Lonely Planet guide to HK and that should give us plenty of ideas on where to stay and what to see. It's the Thai hotel that's going to take some time to find. We want something relaxing, good food, great beach location and not too big or impersonal. I generally use travel and review sites on the web. My personal favorite is Trip Advisor. Great for getting an idea on whats available in the area and personal reviews. Although I sometimes wonder how impartial it is and who actually writes all the reviews. My favorite place so far is the Sarojin hotel in Phuket. I've emailed the hotel asking about rates and seeing if I can negotiate. March is the start of the off season so perhaps they'll be a little flexible. It doesn't hurt to ask. The place only has 56 room and although secluded isn't that far from a town.

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