Friday, June 23, 2006

Somewhere to share my thoughts

As you know, I travel quite a bit, both personally and with work. I've been to the US, Canada, South Africa, Asia and Australia. Sometimes it's a couple of weeks, whilst other trips have lasted a few months. I enjoy the experience and believe I'm very fortunate to be able to do this - especially as Abi's been able to come too. However, it's not always a jolly, we do have to work hard & I've still got to dial in at unsociable hours for telephone calls around the globe. A lot of the time all I see is the inside of the office or a hotel. You really could be anywhere in the world (and lots of the cities are starting to look alike too, with their Starbucks, McDonalds & Subways). However, driving across the Sydney Harbour Bridge every morning did give me a buzz. Taking the ferry from New Jersey to Manhattan on a balmy Saturday afternoon was pretty cool. It beats going to SainsburyƂ’s (which, as you all know is a joy to behold). I wanted to find somewhere I could keep in touch with Abdab (when she can't wangle working with me), family and friends whilst keeping a record of my travels. Email is ok but it's not that interesting when looking back over it. Hopefully, I've come to the right place.... so don't forget to check it! As this isn't a direct e-mail to you, it doesn't excuse you from keeping me up to date, so I still expect regular updates from you please (this is not a request it's an order!).

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