Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's coming home

Well time for another post as I sit here at home watching Big Brother. I'm not sure if I should admit to watching it. There I was slagging it off earlier this year and then I watch one episode and I'm hooked (it still doesn't beat the one in Australia last year though - Abi & I followed that with many a giggle and were even quite shocked at times, but the group they ended up with there were very amusing!). I don't know that anyone in the family watches the show but if any of you do then vote for Lea. If you don't know who she is just watch it and look for the middle aged women with huge boobs (who declares she's only 35 - ha!). Awful mouthy northen bint!!!!!! I'm hoping Pete will win. Such a nice guy and everyone likes him (Lea loves him but every time I see her cuddle him I want to be sick and it's wrong in so many ways - not least, that she could almost be him Mum). Check out his website.

Well, the World Cup is getting pretty exciting, down to the last 9 (France and Spain are still
playing at the moment). England have progressed well but it hasn't been the most exciting football to watch (Herb - Football is the most popular sport in the country you know! You are more than welcome to come over and watch some here... if you need a hand with the rules :-) if you understand what's going on, you might just like it!). We only have one decent striker and he's not 100% fit. Then there's Crouch, well not a lot I can say about him except 'GET HIM OFF!!!!!'. Still it's been a great tournament so far with some great games to follow (I hope). Abi and I went to Berlin in Feb 05 for a long weekend. I'd only been to Germany once before and I thought Berlin was great. A wonderful city with so much to see and do. I was even impressed with the food (can't think I've been anywhere where I haven't been!!). I expected sausages and sauerkraut and that's what I got but it was pretty good and they had beef and cake and cheese and everything! It's just not a good idea to stand downwind of me for a few hours afterwards though!
Just before I sign off I'd like to say hello and hugs to my most frequent visitor so far, my big sis. Hello Sarah. I hope your school trip goes well (try not too lose any of the children - but also don't be too great at it, or they'll always try and rope you in!) and I hope you enjoy your companys' summer ball this weekend.

Friday, June 23, 2006

poohing for England :-(

What are my next plans? I'm off to Australia at the end of the month for 2 weeks to support a new project. Australia is an easy destination to go to, it's just the 23 hour flight that can be a little hard to cope with. I love landing at Kingsford-Smith airport, heading outside and ordering a flat white (steaming coffee with hot milk! - like you oldies might enjoy before bedtime!) while I try and unwind before the taxi to town. Each time we've been there the weather has been great, so lets hope it's the same now, but it'll be equivalent to our early spring, so I can still short days and long nights. However, I'm sure there'll be clear blue skies and cool winds. Perfect. I'll be staying at the same place, Star City Apartments, which is in the casino located at Darling Harbour. Right in the middle of the city. From my balcony I'll be able to see the Harbour Bridge and watch the sun go down each evening.

In August I'm traveling to Kolkata to help outsource our hardworking UK/US and Australian based IT teams. What a wonderful job I have... not! As the Americans like to say 'it's all about the Benjamins!!' I've never been to India before and to be honest I'm not looking forward to the trip.
Dad keeps winding me up and has told me not to f**t for atleast a week after I get back, but Abi has saved a champagne cork, incase I can't help it. I'll have to be careful though, if I happen to shoot Shanti, she'll never forgive me! It's going to be hot (40 degrees+), humid and I know I'm going to catch something nasty (being the eternal optimist that I am). Abi has bought me some toilet paper (the medicated variety which we all used to love from school - to do tracings with) and diarrhoea tablets (bless). I'm going to need lots of it :-). To keep yourselves amused you can check out the weather here.

Somewhere to share my thoughts

As you know, I travel quite a bit, both personally and with work. I've been to the US, Canada, South Africa, Asia and Australia. Sometimes it's a couple of weeks, whilst other trips have lasted a few months. I enjoy the experience and believe I'm very fortunate to be able to do this - especially as Abi's been able to come too. However, it's not always a jolly, we do have to work hard & I've still got to dial in at unsociable hours for telephone calls around the globe. A lot of the time all I see is the inside of the office or a hotel. You really could be anywhere in the world (and lots of the cities are starting to look alike too, with their Starbucks, McDonalds & Subways). However, driving across the Sydney Harbour Bridge every morning did give me a buzz. Taking the ferry from New Jersey to Manhattan on a balmy Saturday afternoon was pretty cool. It beats going to SainsburyƂ’s (which, as you all know is a joy to behold). I wanted to find somewhere I could keep in touch with Abdab (when she can't wangle working with me), family and friends whilst keeping a record of my travels. Email is ok but it's not that interesting when looking back over it. Hopefully, I've come to the right place.... so don't forget to check it! As this isn't a direct e-mail to you, it doesn't excuse you from keeping me up to date, so I still expect regular updates from you please (this is not a request it's an order!).